The David Rattray Foundation

"Without education there is no hope, and without hope there is no future."
David Rattray

What We Do...

We are based in Kwa-Zulu Natal in the north-east of South Africa at the base of the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains: an achingly lovely, deeply traditional and rural area, home of the Zulus. The Foundation carries on the work started by the famous Zulu historian, David Rattray. We support 19 local schools, reaching 5,500 children in a very needy area with 80% unemployment and where many children are AIDS orphans.

Typically we will supply a school with water and sanitation, electricity, computers, extra classrooms, a library, teacher training, volunteer support, and more. Without our input the teacher student ratio is often 80/1, small children have to walk to school, often without breakfast, and their most basic necessities are not met. With our help the education level is improved dramatically, and so the life chances of each child we reach is improved. A majority of the children aim to pass 'Matric', the end of school exams, and several will go on to university. We are now also finding even better results with the infant schools we are setting up at the moment.

Rorke's Drift to Brecon - Raising £50,000 for the schools we support.

Peter Rattray, son of renowned South African historian and raconteur David Rattray, together with Blaze O'Byrne and backed up by Micko O’Byrne with the supplies truck, have set themselves the task of raising £50,000 in donations by biking around 15,000 miles from Rorke's Drift, where the most famous battle in British consciousness of the Zulu Wars took place, riding up the East Coast of Africa, via the land bridge between Asia and Europe, heading up to finish in Wales at the Brecon Museum to present the Brecon Museum with an artefact from this famous battle site.

What is the link between Rorke's Drift and Brecon? The 24th Foot (now The Royal Welsh) fought that battle in South Africa and the museum in Wales is dedicated to their history.

The lads will pass through many countries including: Mozambique, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, and through Central and West Europe.

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The David Rattray Foundation in South Africa, and the David Rattray Memorial Trust in the UK, are currently re-organising to put us in a position to double our outreach from 19 schools to around 40.

At this time, our websites are out of date, but they are currently being upgraded.

To see our historic sites, click below - it will give you an idea of what's gone before.

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